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Have you been there; in the twilight, as one who lives life in the stillness, as if moving between the raindrops.

Yet a gentle breeze flows in to awaken the one within.

Tis now. The remembering, for a life seen through the fractured mirrors of the inner countenance must mend, move forward to what may have been.

Now movement through the shadows of discontent comes the pristine
light of understanding.

What place is this new walk of the learned? Why, tred thou carefully in the spirit of the willing.

Look, the waters of blessing for those who have or have yet to journey
along this road less travelled

Shadowlands of the Ancestors dwell near to the nations.

Quieting the mind brings forth the whispers of the distant drum.

Holding fast to sacred ceremonies,
now shadowland beckons the heart,
so far removed from it’s people, to the
distant drummings.

Reaching outward in the thunderous
step of the dance, linking drumbeat to heartbeat.
Moving to ignite the inner flames.

See Magestic Eagle soaring upward from
lofty places above mountain and pine.
Now swooping downward to search the
forest’s floor.

Eagle waits as Wold enters through the
portal of inner flame, sensing the thundering
dance of the drumbeat within the heart,
moving forward to impart knowledge.

This knowledge moves unspoken as a knowing to
prepare the way and wait and listen.

Now shadowland blows a distant wind as Eagle,
cloaked, sheds the old.

Eagle archs to the North East with
giant wingspan and through the
sunlight bursts forth now fully renewed.

Eagle turns and looks to the inner flames of
many through the wheatfield of red.

It is time now to turn and know that the
ancestors of shadowland are awakening the
lost of our people.

From my book ‘Tapestrys Of Life’ which will be on Amazon and Barnes&Noble about the end of July/2011 or thereabouts. Note: book is protected by copyright.

My name is Glenna Hall and I’m know on WordPress as Oceandale.

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